Two Protestors Arrested for Assaulting Officers

A group of protesters brought their message to a busy intersection in Tampa, Florida last week which aggravated motorists during rush hour. Due to the scene made by the protestors, police were called to break up the growing mob and restore traffic patterns. When officers arrived, the group had grown to nearly 50 people that were blocking a busy intersection. The people finally moved when police arrived, but two refused to leave. The two individuals were approached by police officers and both the protesters, a man and a woman, assaulted the officers.

Following the attack on the officers, M.M. and S.C. were charged with opposing an officer without violence and simple assault. If you have recently been arrested for assault, you could be facing serious penalties if you are convicted. For this reason, it is advised that you hire a Tampa criminal defense attorney that has experience litigating violent crime cases, like the attorneys at our law office. Contact a Tampa violent crime lawyer now to get help and representation throughout your case.