Tampa Bay Resident Charged with Daytime Robbery

When we think of robberies, we often assume that they happened in the dark of night or in a covert back alley where the victim wouldn’t be discovered. Yet for a jogger in Winter Haven, her afternoon run was the scene of a dangerous crime. The young woman was exercising at a local park at about 1 p.m. when she noticed an older African-American man staring at her from afar. The middle-aged male kept his eyes on her as she jogged her normal route. The man began to follow her around the park, and then approached her from behind.

With observers all around, the older man stepped on the back of the victims shoe and grabbed her harms. He then attempted to quiet her as she screamed for help. A bystander immediately called 911 and watched as the man took the jogger’s cell phone and ran the other direction. A Winter Haven officer from the K-9 squad came out and searched for the offender. Eventually he was discovered in a wooded are that was close to the park. The criminal was taken to a local jail, where he is being held on charges of kidnapping, false imprisonment, and robbery by sudden snatching. The victim appeared at the police station and identified Johnson as her attacker. He is now being held on a $20,000 bond.

Sometimes victim identifications can be false. A disoriented victim may not remember who her attacker was, especially if he approached from behind or stayed hidden for much of the crime. Yet when the police keep pressing for the victim to choose an attacker in a line-up, they may make a compulsive decision. If you have been identified for a crime that you are not guilty of, then talk to a criminal defense lawyer today for help!