New Drug "Bath Salts" Causes Violent Reactions

In Miami, a young man recently went rogue, attacking a homeless man and eating his face in a drug-hampered rage. The attacker was shot four times by police before he fell dead. The man he pounced on was taken to a hospital, where doctors hope to reconstruct his tragically marred appearance. Security cameras caught the entire incident on tape, when the enraged young man ran, naked, towards his homeless victim, and stripped him of his clothes. Supposedly, the violent attacker was on a drug that dealers have termed "bath salts." This isn't the only case where a person on "bath salts" has reacted in anger and gross violence.

The drug is allegedly a factor in another case, where a 19-year-old strangled himself while high off of a synthetic drug. A toxicology test determined that the drug was Alpha-PVP, one of the substances that street dealers allude to as "bath salts." The dangerous substance is certainly causing concern. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration believes that many people are using the severe drug to achieve an other-worldliness. In their attempt to lose reality, these people also lose their rationale, and commit acts of violence which could land them in prison with a first-degree murder sentence. Because the drug is illegal, defendants cannot use its effects as an excuse for their behavior.

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