Two Day Prostitution Investigation Launched in Florida

In an attempt to cut down on the amount of prostitution in Tampa, Florida, police conducted a two-day sting operation. The effort resulted in 25 arrests from an area that is known for being worked by local prostitutes. According to the police chief, the "Prostitution Exclusion Zone" is an area of town where at least 70% of prostitution sex crimes arrests are made each year. It is a large zone, nearly 6.5 miles, that accounts for most of the prostitution in the city.

A total of 25 arrests were made over the two-day sting, as well as 3 arrests just a day before of known prostitutes. In addition to arresting prostitutes, police also detained 17 men that were found to be buying their services, as well as offering services. Some were also arrested for parole violation and drug possession. If you have recently been arrested on suspicion of committing sex crimes, you could be facing serious criminal penalties if you are convicted. Take the time to contact Thomas & Paulk as soon as possible so you have representation from a Tampa criminal defense lawyer from our office.