Penalties Reduced in Cocaine Trafficking Case

Our Tampa criminal lawyers at Thomas & Paulk, P.A. recently defended the rights of a defendant who was charged with two counts of cocaine trafficking of allegedly 218-200 grams. Following the charges, our client was facing a mandatory minimum prison sentence of three years and maximum sentence of thirty years for each case respectively. We took on the case and were able to negotiate with the State Attorney's Office to waive the mandatory prison sentences on both. Instead, our client received a mere two years of house arrest which was followed by two years of probation. They never spent any time in prison.

Through cases such as this, we are able to ensure that our clients receive the just outcome that they deserve. We understand that the criminal justice system is flawed and we do everything possible to ensure that our clients do not receive disproportional consequences. If you have been charged and are looking for quality legal representation, we encourage you to look through our case results. You can also read more in our blog or read through our attorney profiles. When you're ready to discuss your case, give us a call at (813) 321-7323.