Teen Issued Probation in School Rape Case

Joshua Bynum stood before court this week after spending the last year of his life behind bars for raping a fellow student in a bathroom at Chamberlain High School. The incident allegedly occurred in October of 2011, when Bynum was 16 years old. He pleaded guilty this morning to a 3rd degree felony battery charge. He was also charged with theft concerning a dirt bike that he had lifted earlier this year. The judge accepted a plea deal in the case and handed down a sentence of 10 years’ probation. The teen will also need to take periodic examinations for drugs, Psychological issues, and sex deviants. If he is caught committing another offense, it will be back to jail for the offender.

The teen was also given a lecture from the judge in the court room, who told him that he has a pending sexual battery charge. The defendant stood silently while the judge warned him that if he violated his probation he would be sent to prison. Often, juveniles are issued lesser charges than a grown adult because of their youth. Some lawyers argue that their client may not have been mature enough to understand the weight of his or her crime.

Others will argue that the teen still has so much time to make up for what he or she has done and doesn’t deserve to be condemned to years in prison as a result of one mistake. If you have been placed on probation, it is essential that you follow all the guidelines set out for you regarding that sentence. If you violate probation in any way, chances are that you will be sent to prison for an extended amount of time. If you need legal representation in Tampa, then talk to a criminal defense lawyer at Thomas & Paulk for aid. A lawyer from our firm will stand as an advocate for you in court and help you to fight your charges.