Which Florida City is the Music Piracy Capital?

When you think of piracy, you may think of cannons, broad hats, peg legs and sword fights on Spanish galleons. Yet the fact is that there is a different type of piracy that is much more prominent in the United States. This is called music piracy, and is the act of burning records or selling illegal downloads for music that should come with a price. Shockingly, much of this piracy occurs in the United States in a little town called Gainesville, Florida. According to Yahoo News, Gainesville has currently been listed as the hub of music piracy in a global report.

Analysts recently reported this find in the Digital Music Index which looked at digital music trends around the world to determine where most illegal music is manufactured and sold. Investigating a file-sharing activity which is carried out through a program called BitTorrent showed that the amount of illegal downloads in the U.S. is shocking. Using BitTorrent alone, Americans downloaded 759 million songs illegally in the first half of 2012. This means that the record industries are taking a toll as the music they labor hard to produce for sales is simply downloaded free of charge.

The U.S. is the number one nation for music piracy users and abusers. BitTorrent is one of the programs that enable teens and adults to put their favorite songs on their electronic devices without spending a dime. While not all the tracks on BitTorrent are illegal, the majority of the desirable music on the program is. The amount of illegal downloads has decreased where music services like Spotify and Pandora are permitted because these services allow men and women to listen to songs for free. People also head to YouTube to listen to songs that are posted by users. The Digital Music Index representatives say that they understand that America is home to millions of passionate music users. They hope that with a crackdown and some reforms, they can reduce the amount of illegal music downloads in Gainesville and other U.S. cities.