6 Year Old Boy Killed, Shot by 4 Year Old Playmate

A tragic thing it is to hear when children are left in the presence of dangerous weapons, especially those who are far too young to even understand what can happen if wrongly handled with. Sadly, this is the exact situation that led to the death of a 6 year old boy, after his 4 year old playmate got ahold of .22 caliber rifle in New Jersey. At this time, investigators are still uncertain as to how this little kid obtained the weapon; though the state laws explicitly claim that all weapons must be out of the reach of a minor.

Somehow the little boy wandered inside his home and got ahold of the weapon, and the gun went off, killing a neighborhood boy who was sitting outside in a go-kart; the bullet went straight through his head. At this time it is uncertain as to whether there will be criminal charges against the boy for his actions, or against his family for what happened.

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