Client Removed from Intervention Program; Case Sent Back to Court

In August of 2013, the criminal defense attorneys at Thomas & Paulk represented a college student who was charged with disorderly conduct and the obstructing or opposing of an officer without violence. These allegations occurred after our client was accused of passing out on a Ybor City sidewalk and pulling away when an officer attempted to wake him up, telling the officer to get away from him. We were brought on when the student was removed from his intervention program after being accused of failing to complete it. This triggered our client's case to be sent back to court for prosecution based on the original charges. When we reviewed the original allegations, we found that the client had done nothing wrong originally to warrant being charged with disorderly conduct. We were able to get the Office of the State Attorney to agree and all of the charges held against our client were dropped. To learn more, please contact our firm today!