DUI Case Leads to Drug Use Accusations; Charges Dropped to Reckless Driving

Tampa criminal lawyers at Thomas & Paulk recently represented a man who had been accused of driving under the influence. Our client had been stopped in Land O' Lakes, Florida after allegedly violating several traffic laws. The officer claimed that during the stop, our client showed several signs of impairment, which prompted the officer to look into the possibility of impairment. Our client was arrested after several field sobriety tests had been administered. The officer then searched our client's car, where he supposedly found evidence of drug use; the officer claimed that our client admitted to using drugs.

After our firm was retained, we reviewed all evidence, which included the fact that our client was never read his Miranda rights. We also moved to suppress all evidence from the searching of the vehicle, showing that the drug paraphernalia did not prove that our client had been using them that night. After the State reviewed our evidence, they offered to drop our client's DUI charges to reckless driving, allowing our client to walk away with lesser penalties.