Illegal Dumping an Issue in Tampa

Illegal dumping is the process of leaving trash and other pieces of discarded furniture on city property without permission. Recently, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office deputies have set out to catch some of these illegal dumping suspects. Many deputies have received complaints about illegal dumping in the area near Sierra Pines Boulevard just north of Lutz Lake Fern Road.

Residents in Hillsborough County are encouraged to report tag numbers of cars or trucks if they notice that the driver has tossed trash in a public area. Anyone with information regarding illegal dumping is instructed to report the criminals to the police. Illegal dumping can be dumping private property that is not licensed to receive waste.

It can also be dumping waste without a license or permit into sewers and waterways. As well, it is allowing another person to dump waste on one's land without being licensed to receive the waste. The federal government passed laws designed to protect the environment, and when these laws are not followed it can result in serious penalties.

In some cases, illegal dumping can even be considered a felony. This depends on the amount of waste the type of waste, and whether the dumping was committed by an individual or a business. Also, the courts will determine whether the defendant has committed prior offenses. Dumping is different from littering. Typically, littering involves small items, such as pieces of paper or fast food wrappers. Dumping involves large items, like old furniture or a broken down refrigerator. It can also include bags full of garbage.

Those charged with illegal dumping can be subjected to incarceration, fines, probation, community service, restitution, or remediation. If you want more information about illegal dumping, or need to be defended in an illegal dumping case, then talk with a Tampa criminal defense attorney. Learn more about the firm on this blog today!