Police Make Additional Arrest in Tampa Diamond Heist

Thursday, December 12, investigators from the Orange County Sheriff's Office arrested a third man over the diamond heist that occurred at the International Diamond Center in Tampa back in November. The two men arrested earlier in connection with this crime have been charged with armed robbery of a business with a firearm, armed robbery of a person with a firearm, and more.

According to authorities, the man they arrested last week was said to have scoped out the store and told the other two suspects about which cases took take jewelry from. The other two men were reported to have a handgun and a small sledgehammer between the two of them, one suspect breaking through display cases and stashing the jewelry in a bag, the other pointing his gun at three employees and demanding them to take out their wallets. Looking at surveillance footage from a market and tracing the use of a victim's credit card, police found the two suspects, who then both implicated a third person as the one who planned the whole crime.

While a charge of any theft offense is a serious matter, a charge of armed robbery is a first-degree felony charge that could turn into a sentence of 30 years in prison and $10,000 in fines. There could also be probation tacked onto that sentence, as well as community service, and the loss of any right to own or carry a weapon. Beyond this would be the serious, life-long repercussions of a criminal record.

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