Student Arrested for Threatening Text Messages

On December 10th, 2013, a teenager was arrested at her high school after the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office was notified about a situation regarding threatening text messages. A high school girl at the school had been receiving these threatening text messages and phone calls from a friend. The friend called and texted her saying that she was going to cause physical violence towards certain people at the high school.

She warned her friend not to attend school on December 11th if she wanted to be spared. The student took the threats seriously, and felt that her friend was capable of harming individuals at the school. She told her father, who called the sheriff's department as a precaution. The suspect had told her friend that she had access to firearms and had learned how to use them at a shooting range. As a result, the victim receiving the threatening text messages believed it would be best to get the authorities involved.

Deputies responded to the suspect's text messages by visiting her home after school on December 10th. The authorities spoke with the suspect and her mother. During the interview, the teenaged girl admitted to sending text messages with threats but she vowed that she never planned to actually hurt anyone. Regardless of the unintentionality, the authorities arrested the teenager and transported her to a Juvenile Assessment Center. There were not firearms found in the suspect's home. The investigation is ongoing. This is a situation where a tip from a local could have protected many people from injury.

While many sheriffs rely on local tips, these tips can also be dangerous. In some situations, an individual can call the police thinking that there is a crime taking place when in fact all parties are innocent. If you want more information about local tips or about penalties associated with threatening text messages, then don't hesitate to contact a Tampa criminal defense attorney the firm today to learn more!