15 Year Old Boy Kills Parents & 3 Younger Siblings

This weekend's news has shocked the community of Albuquerque, New Mexico regarding the killing of a family allegedly by their 15 year old son. According to reports, this weekend 15 year old Nehemiah Griego murdered his parents and 3 of the youngest siblings in the home, leaving now 6 siblings to be raised without their parents. Locals share that Mr. Griego was not only the pastor of a local Calvary Chapel, but he was also an individual who cared about the people of his community and for the past 13 years served as the county jail volunteer chaplain.

At this point, investigators are still very uncertain as to what lead to the events of Saturday's murders, a vicious shooting of 5 people who are now dead. The Sheriff claims that at the scene there were numerous weapons around, including the rifle that was used for the shootings; though they still are uncertain who the owners are. Nehemiah has been arrested for three counts of child abuse resulting in death and two counts of murder. People in the community share that Nehemiah was a quiet boy that was homeschooled by his mother, who frequently wore military fatigues when walking throughout the neighborhood. Police also found him registered on an online dating website where he claims that he is a fun loving individual, who is shy, but enjoys making people happy.

Recent reports claim that Nehemiah was in fact known as a "loner" in his community, often keeping to himself; though they are still in shock that his quietness resulted in a murderous outrage. Some in the community claims that the neighborhood kids were frightened by the suspect, claiming that no matter where he was he was by himself and in military outfits. So far, investigators have found the boy to have no prior crimes or history with the juvenile system.

According to the reports of nearby neighbors, it sounded as though there was an argument going on at the Griegos' home the night of the murder. Police investigators say that while they will not discuss the state of the suspect, each victim received numerous gunshots in their body, resulting in their deaths. Currently, District Attorney Kari Brandenburg is weighing the incident in order to determine whether Nehemiah will be prosecuted as an adult or as a minor. If convicted, this young man could be facing many years paying for the consequences of his crimes.

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