2 Teenagers Arrested for Traffic Homicide & Robbery

In Hillsborough County, one year ago this week Christopher Daniels was left on the side of the road to die after attempting to stop two young men from a robbery. Christopher Daniels, an 18 year old boy, sought to stop the robbery by grabbing on to the side of the suspects' vehicle and was unsuccessful. According to reports, he hung from the vehicle for some time and then fell off to the side of the road and sustained fatal injuries. On the night of January 16, 2012 officers found him on the side of the road, lying in a ditch close to the entrance of Antioch Park near Franklin Road. While they were able to take him to Tampa General Hospital, the doctors were unable to save him and he died that night. Investigative reports prove that Christopher was in fact trying to stop the robbery, because police found his car parked near the park, with no signs of a crash suggesting another cause of death.

Brothers, Bailey and Roger Castle, were arrested January 14, 2013 for responsibility of the crimes that resulted in the death of young Christopher. Both suspects are assumed to have been in the vehicle that was used not only in an attempted robbery, which lead to the death of the victim while attempting to stop the crime. Bailey Castle, 17, was arrested and is being held on the charges of both robbery and first degree felony murder. His older brother, Roger Castle, 19, was arrested and is facing more severe charges including robbery, first degree felony murder, and vehicular homicide as well as leaving the scene of the accident with death. These charges are very severe, and for both suspects if they are convicted can result in many years spent behind bars along with numerous other consequences.

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