Pasco Shootings Suspect Allegedly Suffers With Mental Health Issues

According to recent news, 25 year old Daniel Quinnell was accused of shooting a couple with an airsoft gun in a Walmart parking lot in Lutz. Reports say that he approached the victim and his girlfriend asked if the man was Muslim, even though he replied that he was not, Daniel allegedly pulled out his air soft handgun from his jacket pocket and proceeded to fire nearly two dozen rounds of BB's at the man while shouting racial slurs. The victim and his girlfriend then ran away from the scene, the woman with no injuries and the man with minor injuries. When they reached the store, they immediately contacted the authorities.

Daniel is believed to be suffering with some form of mental illness that may have caused the attack in the parking lot. His local pastor claims that he suffers with anger management problems, and at some points he wouldn't even consider hurting a fly and other times he gets more out of control. His mental illness may also include systems such as paranoia. The pastor claims that when he is suffering with the paranoia he is very unstable and it is likely that the parking lot attack was during one of those episodes.

Sadly, many individuals suffer from mental illnesses and it causes actions in a person that they otherwise would not commit. In cases such as this, medical help is preferred over sending these people to jail for their actions, ones that they likely have no idea they are committing. If you or someone you know has recently been accused of a crime and is suffering from a mental illness, all hope is not lost. Contact Thomas & Paulk, P.A. for the skilled criminal defense attorney you want on your side today!