Police Investigate Attempted Murder Case in Hillsborough County

Police reports state that on Wednesday morning, January 23, 2013 a man was arrested for attempted 2nd degree murder with a firearm. 24 year old K. Render of Tampa, FL was arrested for shooting M. Caldwell, a mid-forty year old man, in the early hours of the morning. Police reports claim that Render appeared at the victim's home around 2 o'clock in the morning; allegedly after Renders niece, and the suspects girlfriend, had previously been in a physical argument. Because of this, it is very possible that the suspect approached his girlfriend's uncle as a means of protecting her as his motive for shooting. His true motive is still uncertain at this time, however.

It is stated that after the suspect showed up at the victim's home, he forcibly entered through the front door, despite the victim's efforts to keep Render from entering the house. Apparently, as the victim continued to block the suspect from entering in the doorway, the suspect then fired 5 shots from his weapon on the other side of the door. The bullets traveled through the victim's front door and three of the bullets struck him instead. At this point Render fled the scene of the accident, leaving the victim alone. Currently, the victim is at a nearby hospital in critical condition from the gunshot wounds.

Not long after the victim was able to describe and identify Render as the man who shot him three times, and just before 8 o'clock that same morning, the police arrested the suspect and Render has confessed to the charges. It is not uncommon for situations such as this to occur and if you or someone you know has been recently accused of criminal activity; don't go down without a fight. Contact Thomas & Paulk today for the aggressive criminal defense attorney that you deserve.