Tampa Resident Arrested for Animal Cruelty

A Hillsborough County local was arrest by the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office after a neighbor made a complaint to the Hillsborough County Animal Services that the suspect was abusing his dog. According to the police report, the suspect deliberately caused infliction of unnecessary pain to his three-year-old male pit bill mix dog. The defendant would hold the dog up by his neck when angry with it, and then slam the pet into the concrete floor.

The neighbor says that there was another incident when the defendant threw a rock or a cement block at the dog. The animal yelped in pain after the accident. The investigation led to obtaining a felony warrant for the animal's owner on the charge cruelty to animals. The individual then turned himself in on Independence Day, openly admitting to his crime.

The Hillsborough County Animal Services removed Spike the dog from his owner's residence. There was also a puppy at the residency named Hennessy. Spike suffered a hematoma to the head and is being inspected by a veterinarian for more information. The suspect is now in jail for his crime. As this incident report shows, animal cruelty is a serious issue. If you have been arrested for this crime, you are going to need an attorney there to represent you in court.

You will want to show why your animal abuse was misconstrued, or petition for a lighter sentence as the result of a plea bargain. You can discuss your case with a skilled Tampa criminal defense attorney at Thomas & Paulk today if you want more information about animal cruelty penalties or different defenses that tend to be effective. Don't procrastinate; call today and get a head start on your case. Without a reliable attorney on your side, you may need to serve months in jail or pay exorbitant fines so it pays to get started right away!