Our Criminal Lawyers Help Get DUI Charges Dropped

Our client was stopped for driving the wrong way on a one-way street and for having expired tags. After the traffic stop, the officer claimed he noticed the odor of alcohol on our client's breath and signs of impairment. The officer had our client perform field sobriety exercises and claimed our client failed those exercises. The officer arrested our client and took him to jail where he took a breath test showing his BAL was 0.026—well below the legal limit. At this point, the officer requested a urine sample from our client claiming he must be impaired by drugs. Urine samples are not tested at the jail; our client was booked and charged with DUI.

After we were retained, we asked that the State to provide us with the results of the urine test. When we received the results they verified that our client had not used any drugs. At this point we informed the State Attorney that they had no basis for the DUI charge and all charges were dropped. This case is the perfect example of how innocent people can be arrested and charged with DUI. The officer—who the State claims is an expert in DUI detection—clearly made a mistake in this case. Many times a DUI charge is based on nothing more than the officer's opinion, and, as with all opinions, an officer can make a mistake. If you have been arrested and wrongly accused of DUI, you should speak with one of our attorneys immediately.