After Representing Himself, Florida Man Convicted for Drug Trafficking

Fifty eight year old C.H. from Florida was arrested while driving his pickup truck across the state of Illinois while smuggling 60 pounds of marijuana. According to reports, this man then decided he did not need the help of a learned professional, but rather wanted to represent himself against the court and jurors. He admitted before the court that he entered their state lines with the product in his truck, and at this point the jury then deemed him guilty of driving on a suspended license as well as drug trafficking.

Just before his sentencing, he told the courtroom that he was sorry for their decision and that he now has to lose many years of his life in jail for laws that he does not agree with. He was originally arrested on Illinois Highway 55 North, when they came to inspect his truck. C.H., while representing him, shares that originally he told the officers that they were able to look at his truck cargo, and then he recanted claiming that they could not. C.H. addressed the court claiming that when the inspectors discovered his stash, they did not have permission that time. Unfortunately, he was unable to make his case, and the prosecution continued trying to prove that he was stashing his drugs throughout the truck, including in the spare fuel tank.

The court did not rule in favor of the suspect and C.H. was convicted and is now set to appear before the court for his sentencing April 30 for what may be up to 60 years behind bars. In the event that you have been arrested, hiring a skilled Tampa criminal defense attorney is absolutely essential in order to fight for your future. Having an attorney on your side will help you have a less unbiased approach than if you were defend yourself. For this reason, attorneys at Thomas & Paulk are committed to offering you're the defense team that you deserve on your side. Contact us today to learn more about how we can fight for you!