Client Denied Passport Due to Old Warrant

Our client was applying for a passport and was denied because of a very old outstanding warrant for violation of probation. The client is now a resident of another state and needed to have the warrant lifted so that she could obtain her passport and to clear the arrest warrant. The client contacted our office by phone as she could not appear in Florida without being arrested on the warrant. We were able to contact the Court and the State Attorney about the warrant to see if they would agree to dismiss the warrant. After speaking to both, we were able to have our client pay minimum court costs and the warrant was dismissed.

Many times old warrants will come up when applying for passports or government benefits, such as Social Security or Disability. In many of these cases, we can help to resolve these warrant related issues without the client having to return to Florida and without them being arrested on the warrant. If you have an outstanding warrant for your arrest you may contact our office to discuss your options. You can contact us at (813) 321-7323 anytime for a free, confidential consultation to discuss how we can help.