Gambling Operation Causes Controversy in Florida

According to the Tampa Bay Online News, Florida's lieutenant governor resigned amidst the scandal of a purported veteran's charity that was really a cover for a gambling operation that was going on in the area. The gambling operation managed an average $300 million and was hidden under the named the Allied Veterans of the World. Supposedly, the company runs nearly 50 Internet parlors where there are slot machine-style gambling comes that are legal in Florida if most of the proceeds go to charity. Because the games are somewhat legal, it may seem as though the gambling company did nothing wrong.

Yet investigators determined that a very small amount of money went to the veterans charity. Instead, most of the money went to the company creators. The men and women who created the gambling games were purchasing Porsches, Ferraris, beachfront condos, boats, and Maserati's with the money that they were supposed to be giving to veterans who were having a hard time getting back on their feet after the war. The Florida Attorney General believes that the entire gambling scheme is "despicable" and is an insult to servicemen and women everywhere. What makes the situation even more saddening is that many authorities in Florida were involved in the scandal and benefiting from the massive amount of income that the online games were generating in the area.

In total, there were 57 arrests made and 54 arrest warrants issued in relation with the case. There were also people in Alabama, Nevada, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Georgia that were connected with the crime. All the Allied Veterans parlors throughout Florida were raided and closed. There were 49 of these parlors in operation in the state. Authorities claim that they took about 300 bank accounts that contained at least $64.7 million already in connection with the crime and they were able to secure. If you want more information about the financial schemes like this or need defense in connection with a crime like this, then talk to a Tampa criminal attorney at the firm today.