Drug Charges Never Filed; Domestic Violence Charges Dropped

A client of ours was charged with domestic violence and possession of marijuana after police were called to her home in reference to a 911 call. Our client's boyfriend reported to police that our client struck him in the face causing a bloody nose. When officers of the Temple Terrace Police Department arrived, they observed injuries to the boyfriend and arrested our client for domestic violence battery.

After the arrest, the police searched our client's bedroom and found marijuana; they charged her with possession of marijuana. Once we were retained, we contacted the State Attorney and argued that they did not have any evidence that our client actually possessed the marijuana. The State Attorney agreed and did not file the charge of possession of marijuana. That left only the charge of domestic violence. On the domestic violence charge, we set the case for trial; on the day of the trial all charges against our client were dropped. To learn more, please call us today!