DUI with BAC Over 0.15 Reduced to Reckless Driving

Client was stopped for alleged erratic driving and investigated for DUI. The officer had our client perform field sobriety exercises and noted several clues of impairment. Our client was then arrested for DUI and asked to take a breath test. The breath test results were 0.165 and 0.168. These breath test results caused our client to be charged with the enhanced DUI of having a BAC over 0.15.

Due to work on other cases, our office was aware of a problem the State may have with one of their witnesses. We explained to the State that we were aware of the witness problem; the State then agreed to drop the DUI to reckless driving even though the breath test was twice the legal limit. When choosing an attorney it is important to hire an attorney with experience handling DUI case in the jurisdiction where you are charged. Many times an attorney may learn facts from other cases that will help in the defense of your case. To learn more about our firm, please call today!