School Principal Arrested For Alleged Child Molestation

A school principal in Hillsborough County, Florida was recently arrested for charges of child molestation. His formal charge is lewd and lascivious molestation on a child 12 or older. The victim of the crime was allegedly a 14-year old boy that was attending the school. The victim's father passed away, and he became very close with the principal as a result. This principal almost acted as a father figure, taking the child to "Dad Club" meetings and other activities.

Testimonies report that the principal became the victim's "surrogate father." One weekend when the victim's mother was out of town, the principal came to babysit the child. According to reports, at approximately 10:15 pm the principal lay down beside him and began touching him inappropriately. The victim complained about the action, and the principal stopped and left the room. The principal is now cooperating with an extensive investigation and remains in custody. If you want more information about child molestation charges and defense, contact Thomas & Paulk. This hardworking and dedicated team will work to defend you!