Case Result: Disorderly Intoxication

Our client, a recent University of Tampa graduate, was arrested for disorderly intoxication after being asked to leave MacDintons's Irish Pub on South Howard Ave in Tampa. Officers with the Tampa Police Department claimed that our client was disturbing others in the area and that he was intoxicated. The police failed to obtain any names of witness to this conduct that could testify that they were disturbed by our client. The police also did not have our client take a breath test or preform any field tests to see if he was intoxicated.

Due to the lack of evidence in this case, we were successful in convincing the State Attorney not to file any charges against our client; he never had to appear in court. It is always important to have an experienced attorney review any criminal case against you—even if you do not think the charges are serious. This is especially important for college students and recent college graduates who are entering the job market. Most job applications and background checks look for any criminal record, no matter the seriousness of the charge. Many times an experienced criminal attorney can review a case and discover that the allegations against you cannot be proven in court saving you from the potential embarrassment of disclosing a past criminal charge.