Case Result: Obstructing an Officer

In early August, our criminal defense team took on a case in the Pinellas County Court involving a client who had been accused of obstructing an officer without violence, as well as loitering and prowling. In this case, our client was accused of not obeying an officer's order to stop and identify himself; our client was also accused of fleeing from the police officer. Additional charges of loitering and prowling were tacked on.

Our firm was retained, and we were able to prove that the police officer never had any reason to detain our client. Since it is not unlawful to resisted an unlawful detention—and because were successful in proving to the State Attorney that it had indeed been an unlawful detention—no charges were officially filed. In the end, our client never had to appear in court and no blemish was ever made on his criminal record.

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