Four Year Old Attacked & Killed by Two Pit Bulls

On July 19, a four year old died after he was attacked by two pit bulls. The boy, here referred to as L.S., was with his mother visiting his aunt and uncle. Right before L.S. and his mother arrived, the uncle crated the pit bulls. After going inside the house, L.S. was given some ice cream and left sitting alone in the family room as the adults and his 15 year old cousin went into a bedroom to talk.

While the adults were in the bedroom they heard screams, and went outside to find that L.S. was no longer in the family room. Two Hillsborough County Sheriff deputies happened to be conducting a traffic stop about 100 yards away, and they ran to the scene after they heard the boy's screams. Upon arrival, they saw Logan laying on the front yard with the two pit bulls hovering over him. The uncle immediately crated the dogs, but L.S. was pronounced dead at the scene. There are no charges at this time, as the investigation continues.

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