Probation Terminated Despite New Suspended Driver Charges

Our criminal defense team at Thomas & Paulk recently succeeded in defending a client who faced new charges while on probation. We were able to achieve termination of his probation despite the repeat allegations. Our client was on probation for driving on a suspended license when he was again caught and charged with driving on a suspended license. We filed a motion with the court to get the warrant withdrawn before our client was arrested, persuading the Judge to allow him to stay out of custody and continue to work. Our firm argued on the basis of the client's family obligations and the demands of his job.

After the warrant was withdrawn, we were able to achieve a successful negotiation with the State Attorney's Office which called for no jail on the charges. Our client pleaded no contest to the charges. Subsequently, the Judge terminated his probation and opted to merely adjudicate him with an order to pay all court costs associated with the case. Not only did our client stay out of jail, but now he has no more probation and the chance to achieve a fresh start. Our criminal defense attorneys at Thomas & Paulk are proud to continue our long tradition of serving client's needs with tenacity and efficiency,

If you have been charged with driving on a suspended license or a violation of your probation, call our office to learn how we are prepared to help.