Local Arrested for Battery on a LWO and Resist with Violence

When arrested, it is highly recommended that you obey police officers and do as they request in order to avoid serious issues and complications. On January 9th, deputies arrested a suspect who was sitting in a stolen vehicle. The deputies surrounded the stolen car, and one authority asked a passenger to leave the vehicle. The passenger then began fighting with the deputies.

After a warning, the officer tapered the suspect, who struggled in vain to remove the prongs of the Taser. The passenger then fled on foot and yelled at the drive to leave the vehicle. The driver slammed his car into both Hillsborough County Sherriff's Office vehicles in an attempt to flee, and was able to avoid arrest when he traveled south towards the University Mall. The deputies chased the passenger over two fences and watched as he attempted to covertly discard marijuana that was packaged for distribution. The individual was taken into custody.

He has now been charged with Resist with Violence, Batter on a LEO, and possession with Intent to Deliver. Deputies are still searching for the driver and he was described as a dark skinned male that was approximately 5'11. The authorities will work hard to try and pinpoint where this offender has taken off to and will do all that they can to secure the suspect.

If you have resisted a police officer, you may be facing similar charges. Don't hesitate to hire an attorney to assist you in your case if you have been arrested and want assistance. With the right Tampa criminal defense attorney on your side, you can trust that you will be able to get the representation you need to avoid arrest or conviction in some situations. Don't hesitate to call a Tampa criminal defense lawyer at our firm today to learn more!