Drunk Driver Traveling the Wrong Way gets Arrested in Tampa

At approximately 2:08 am on July 9, a call was made to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office reporting a vehicle that was traveling down Interstate 275, going the wrong way. The Deputy on duty responded to the call, and was able to locate the driver—still traveling the wrong way and weaving in and out of his lane. Turning on his emergency overhead lights and the vehicle's spotlight, the deputy was able to perform a traffic stop on the vehicle and the driver, C.S.C.

The deputy observed that the man's breath smelt like alcohol, he had bloodshot and watery eyes, his speech was slurred and he was playing with his fingers. C.S.C. agreed to submit to a series of tests, during which he demonstrated a number of signs indicating that he was in fact impaired. After being transported to Central Breath Testing, the man's blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level measured at .268 and .252. C.S.C. is now facing charges for a second offense DUI and for his BAC level being more than three times higher than the legal limit.

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