Youth Care Worker Accused of Sex Acts with Teen

A youth care worker at the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice allegedly exchanged sexual favors with a boy at the facility. According to reports, the worker was employed by G4S Security and was supposed to manage Riverside Academy, which is where the boy is present.

When the youth care worker was taken under scrutiny, she was told that she needed to hand over her phone as evidence and part of the investigation. However, as soon as the police officer walked back to his police car, the youth care worker began bashing the phone against the vehicle in hopes of damaging it.

The police officer came back and grappled with the suspect. In the struggle, the woman's arm was broken. Ultimately, the phone was seized by investigators. If you want more information about this offense, or about other sex acts regarding minors and adults, don't hesitate to contact the firm right away. With the right attorney on your side, you may be able to defend yourself against serious crimes such as this one. Call a Tampa criminal lawyer at Thomas & Paulk today to learn more!