Homicide Case in Tampa

According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, three men have been arrested in connection with the murder of a man in Tampa, Florida. Two additional suspects were indicted by a grand jury in the murder case on June 12th. Both men were charged with first degree murder and attempted armed robbery. Another suspect was arrested earlier in connection with the case and charged with the same crimes.

The murder occurred almost a year ago when the victim was riding as the passenger in a vehicle. The vehicle pulled up to Southpoint Park where a deputy was working off futy. The driver told the deputy that his friend had been shot and the deputy called an ambulance. He worked to preserve the individual's life until medical personnel could get there, and the victim was later transported to the hospital. Despite the deputy's efforts, the young man who was shot passed away.

The victim died from a gunshot to his upper torso. A witness says that he drove the victim to complete a drug transaction with several other men in the area. While at the drug transaction, the defendant approached the victim and attempted to rob him of his narcotics. The men were armed, and fired their guns when the victim would not cooperate. One of the men, an individual with the initials G.B., was arrested for his involvement in the murder early the next day. Only recently did the police discover that two other men were involved in the attack.

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