Marijuana Grow House Discovered in Tampa

A man from Miami was arrested on Monday, June 2nd for operating a marijuana grow house in the area. The individual was charged with the manufacturing of marijuana and the trafficking of marijuana, along with his partners. Another individual with the initials F.P. from Tampa was charged with the manufacture of marijuana trafficking of marijuana and obstructing or opposing an officer. Also, a man with the initials R.P. was charged with manufacture and trafficking of marijuana in addition to VOP. In total, 7 men were arrested in connection with the grow house, all facing various charges including the manufacture of marijuana.

The deputies that discovered the grow house say that they executed a court-authorized search warrant to discover the marijuana operation. All seven suspects were inside the residence at the time of the search. They were all transported to the Orient Road Jail to await their sentencing. If you have been charged with manufacturing marijuana or any other drug, you have the right to a defense attorney. Call a Tampa criminal defense lawyer at the firm today to learn more!