Escaped Inmate Recaptured

An inmate at the Hillsborough County Jail was arrested again after he escaped from the prison. According to reports, the incident happened on March 6th. The man was arrested for reckless driving and remained in jail after the arrest. He was being readied to transfer to Polk County Jail on his reckless driving warrant when he entered into a vestibule with another individual who was being released.

The escapee exited the vestibule with the other individual and then ran through the jail lobby. An internal investigation has been initiated to determine how the incident occurred and how police could have taken pains to make sure it didn't happen.

The man successfully escaped from the hail property, but was spotted walking near a Hess Gas Station and brought back. He now faces an escape charge in addition to his other charges. Oftentimes those who escape from jail are not able to avoid the police, and eventually are re-arrested.

If you have been arrested for attempting to escape incarceration, you need to contact a Tampa criminal defense lawyer today. You will want a trustworthy attorney to represent you in your case and help you to avoid any extra penalties affiliated with your escape. In Florida, attempting to break prison is a felony offense that can be punished by an additional five years of incarceration. It is always best to serve your time faithfully and display good behavior, rather than attempt to escape.

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