Florida Man Arrested for Drug Trafficking Because of Facebook Post

One drug trafficking arrest earlier this month is being credited to a selfie. A Port St. Lucie suspect is said to have posted a photo to Facebook that showed him with baggies of drugs and piles of cash. The caption is even said to have claimed that dealing drugs right under the nose of police officers was a breeze. The Martin County Sheriff's Office noticed, and the 21-year-old suspect was allegedly caught in a sting they set up. The suspect is said to have sold drugs to an undercover officer, who reportedly captured the transaction on camera. The man was arrested and held on $55,500 bond, according to the police.

Few offenses are prosecuted as heavily as drug trafficking is. Even a minimal sentence could mean years in prison and $25,000 in fines. And while any criminal record is devastating, especially the record of a convicted felon, a public record that includes a drug trafficking conviction can be particularly shattering. Unfortunately, all it takes is possessing a certain amount of a controlled substance to face the more severe charge of trafficking, manufacturing, or selling drugs. Others may face this charge because their constitutionally protected rights were violated.

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