Pinellas County Woman Arrested on Charge of $100,000 Fraud

Wednesday, April 30, a woman was arrested for allegedly funneling a hundred thousand dollars toward personal expenses when the investments were intended for her company, reports the Tampa Bay Times. The 41-year-old suspect is accused of getting a man to invest in her entertainment company, $100,000 worth of investment that was given to her back in April 2013. The arrest affidavit says that the woman had pledged that she would not touch the money. She is said to have even purchased insurance for the deal, only insurance that did not actually help out the person who was investing money.

Officials say that these funds were spent in the following few months, from April to June, and that the money was used for eating out, buying clothes, paying off court fees, and buying a car. The suspect was also said to have told police that she was going to collect $200,000 from someone else. As of last week, she was still in police custody under $105,000 bail.

When it comes to a charge of fraud, one could be staring down a sentence of years in prison, heavy fines, restitution, and then a sentence of probation after all that. Worse still, one could be branded as a convicted criminal for the rest of one's life, a severe detriment to landing a job, finding a place to live, and other basic opportunities in life.

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