Blind Man Shoots Nephew Intruding in Home

A blind Tampa man shot an intruder in his home, only to discover that the person he shot was none other than his 15-year-old nephew.

Details of the Late Night Intrusion

Late one night, the nephew cut power to the man's home and broke into the house, where he went into the kitchen to grab knives. The man, who was sleeping, noticed the power had gone out in his home. When he heard the glass of a window break, he reached for his handgun.

The man was unable to make out the intruder due to blindness in his right eye and near blindness in the other, but was able to determine a shadow and a flashlight. He shot at this shadow and recognized his nephew when the intruder spoke. Once he recognized the voice as his nephew's, he stopped shooting. He asked a neighbor to call 911 after confusion over how to dial for help on a mobile phone.

The nephew was taken to the hospital and is expected to recover from his injuries. The nephew had previously been living with his uncle due to difficulties in his family life. The uncle believes that the motive to kill him came after the uncle disclosed to the boy's mother that the boy may be gay.

Stand Your Ground Law May Not Apply

The uncle has a history with the law that may jeopardize his claims of self-defense in the intrusion.

In 1993, he was sentenced to 4 ½ years in a Florida prison stemming from a grand theft and forgery conviction. In Florida, a previous felon is not allowed to be in possession of a gun unless they have that right restored by the state Clemency Board.

Considering the Stand Your Ground defense law in the state, disagreement may arise over whether or not a previously convicted felon has the right to self-defense with a gun. This law has provoked different reactions from courts around the state.

If Stand Your Ground does not apply to the uncle, he may face charges stemming from being a convicted felon in possession of a gun.