Fort Myers Police Chief Fired After Wrongful Detainment of NFL Star

Fort Myers Police Chief D. Baker was fired for wrongfully detaining Nate Allen, who plays for the Oakland Raiders and formerly played for the University of South Florida.

On Aug. 15, the Fort Myers city manager sent a letter to the mayor notifying him of Baker’s termination after the NFL player’s controversial arrest in February.

Allen attended Cape Coral High and calls the Fort Myers area his home during the offseason. Earlier this year, he spent several hours in a holding cell after a teenage girl said that he performed lewd acts while sitting at a traffic light.

When apprehended by the police, Allen denied the accusations, and said that he was on a cellphone call from the time he left a nearby restaurant to the time he was stopped by police.

No charges were filed against Allen, and he was eventually released from police custody.

An internal investigation revealed that the officers involved in the arrest violated state or agency policies and were in effect, subject to disciplinary actions. The investigation found that the 16-year-old girl’s description didn’t match Allen and his truck was too high for the girl to see inside his vehicle.

The investigation report ended with Baker apologizing to Allen.

Last week, Allen’s lawyer said that he was going to sue the city and the police department in federal court for the way that his client’s case was handled.

Nathanial “Nate” Allen, 27, was born on November 30, 1987. From Fort Myers, Florida, the 6’ football player played quarterback with the Cape Coral High School Seahawks. He plays safety for the Oakland Raiders and before that, was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the second round in the 2010 NFL Draft.

Have you been wrongfully arrested or detained?

What happened to Allen has happened to many suspects before him. It is not unheard for a person to be wrongfully detained or arrested by the police. Or, to be a victim of police misconduct or coerced to make a false confession.

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