Using the Police Report in Your Favor in a DUI Case

A police report documents what occurred at the scene of any kind of incident, whether it’s an accident or an arrest. In a DUI arrest, the police report will outline what caused the officer to stop the driver, the details of the field sobriety tests, and the BAC tests results. In the trial, this police report will be the basis of all the charges the defendant faces.

Important Information Gained from the Police Report

Since an attorney will have access to the police report, they will be able to develop a strong defense against it. The information contained in the police report will include details that the suspect may not consider to be relevant, but it can have a profound difference in how the judge views the case.

Below are some questions that can be asked to rebut the claims made on the police report:

  • Does the suspect's testimony contradict the police's?
  • Is the validity of the BAC test in question?
  • Are other witnesses available that could disagree with the officer's testimony?
  • Were the field sobriety tests judged accurately?

There are many ways that the police report information can be used to benefit the suspect. BAC tests can often be inaccurate. For example, a BAC test may provide a higher reading if mouth alcohol was present or they vomited right before testing. Additionally, field sobriety tests have been called into question regarding their validity. After all, balance issues, exhaustion, or poor health could also cause a person to fail a field sobriety test.

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