Thomas & Paulk Helps Client Facing Extradition

In a recent case, we helped represent a client who was on probation for multiple felony charges when a warrant was issued for his arrest for not completing his probation. Years later, our client was arrested in Louisiana and was held for extradition to Florida with no bond. We were retained by his family on the day of his arrest. We immediately set his case for court; within two days, we got our client released without him being extradited to Tampa. We were then able to get the court to agree that if court costs were paid he would terminate the probation. Our client paid the fees and the probation was terminated without our client returning to Florida.

The extradition process can take months if you wait to be transferred by to Florida. Often, if you or a family member has been arrested on a warrant from Florida, we can take steps to set a bond or to resolve the case without waiting for our client to be returned to Florida. Call today to learn more or to request a free criminal defense consultation!