Thomas & Paulk's Client Never Faces Criminal Charges

In a recent case, our client was contacted by law enforcement about a crash where the driver had left the scene. The vehicle was registered to our client; the officer wanted to speak to him about the crash. Our client called our office before speaking to the detective; we informed the detective that our client would not make any statements if he was facing criminal charges. We were then able to reach an agreement that our client would make a statement if he was only charged with a civil infraction (traffic ticket). Our client was then never charged or arrested for leaving the scene and his civil infraction was dismissed.

Often, we are contacted by clients after they receive a call from law enforcement demanding to speak with them about an alleged offense. It is never a good idea to speak with law enforcement about a criminal charge without first speaking to an attorney. We can speak to the officer on your behalf and resolve whatever issue it is that they wish to speak to you about. It is always best to deal with these calls quickly as it does no good to put your head in the sand and even worse to make a false statement that will surely result in your arrest. Law enforcement will often try to contact you at night or on the weekend hoping you will talk to them without an attorney. At Thomas & Paulk, P.A., we always have an attorney on call to help, even on the weekend.

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