Warrants for DUI Probation Violations in Florida

Once in a while, someone is arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in Florida, they pay their fine and believe that everything is clear until one day (many years later) they find out that there is a warrant for their arrest for an old probation violation. This can happen, even if it’s been 10 or 15 years since the DUI arrest.

This can be very confusing for the DUI defendant who thought that everything was cleared up with the courts. What should you do? First of all, if you contact the courts, you can expect them to tell you that they “can’t explain anything” over the phone, so you will need to seek advice from a defense lawyer.

Contact a Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer

Let’s say you’re in this situation and you recently found out that you have a warrant in Hillsborough County, Florida. As Tampa criminal defense attorneys, whenever we hear the word “warrant,” our first response is “Hire an attorney!”

Warrants are not DIY cases, you need to seek professional advice.

Even if you’ve moved on and haven’t had any DUI arrests since the original incident a dozen years ago, you need to hire a lawyer who can find out exactly what the issue is with your probation violation.

If you have an outstanding warrant, you may find that the Clerk’s Office staff are unwilling to help you, but they may be willing to open up to an attorney who “speaks their language,” and so your lawyer can determine the exact problem and navigate an effective solution for you.

In any case, when you have a warrant for your arrest in Hillsborough County, you want to contact an attorney who has extensive experience defending cases in that county, not elsewhere.

Work With Former Hillsborough County Prosecutors

If you have a warrant in Tampa or anywhere else in Hillsborough County, turn to Thomas & Paulk, P.A. for experienced legal counsel. Our attorneys are former Felony Prosecutors for the 13th Judicial Circuit in Hillsborough County, who can explain exactly what needs to be done to resolve this issue.

With thousands of criminal cases under our belts, and hundreds of trials, you can be confident that your warrant case will be in very good hands. Call now to schedule your free case evaluation!