Thomas and Paulk

Criminal Defense Cases

Starting as a prosecutor in 1988, up until now doing criminal defense. I’ve probably handled 10,000 criminal cases, maybe more. I have seen people walk into court without an attorney and plead guilty to crimes that I know the prosecutor can’t prove. Just from hearing what the charge is, I know that.

So anyone who is charged with a criminal offense that doesn’t take the time to call a criminal defense attorney is making a huge mistake. Even if they think they are going to court just to pay court costs, they don’t realize that those court costs also come with a conviction. It’s that conviction that can cause you problems for the rest of your life.

The reason I got into criminal defense is because something struck me about being fair, about having fundamental fairness in everything that happens. One of the things with the court system is that it’s not fair. There’s two different types of cases. You have good, ordinary people who had a bad day that may have made a mistake and then you have people who are career criminals. So you have these two juxtaposed positions, but you have one law.

Not every punishment is just for the case or the person. We have rights in this country that many people in other countries would be so lucky to have. We have the right to have an attorney represent you in court. We have the right to not have our houses or our properties searched without just cause. We have the right to not be just stopped and detained. These rights are important, they are actually on my wall in my office. I keep the Bill of Rights on my wall because that’s how important they are.

Often, we’ll find that law enforcement has not given you the rights that you are entitled to. They stopped you unjustly, they searched you unjustly, they come into your house without a warrant. It’s our job to protect those rights. If there’s an illegal search, if there’s an illegal stop, anything that happens after that is inadmissible in our courts. So, it doesn’t cost you anything to speak to an attorney who knows what they are doing, who understands the issues and can guide you through the process.