Can I Move While on Probation?

If you’re on probation, then you know you face serious restrictions and have certain responsibilities. Failing to follow the required procedures while on probation can result in severe consequences, including arrest and even the implementation of the full penalties you would have faced without probation.

One of the frequent questions that people have, when they are on probation, is if they can move out of the county or state. Moving on probation is possible, but you must follow specific steps. Our Tampa criminal defense attorneys have put together information about the process of moving while on probation, to offer insight and guidance on this subject. Because every case is different and your probation requirements will be specific to your situation, we strongly recommend talking to your attorney and probation officer before moving or making any other key life decisions.

Moving on Probation in Florida

If you are placed on probation in Tampa, Florida, you are required to check in with your probation officer regularly. In some cases, people can check in over the phone, and in other cases, they will have to see their probation officer in person. Since you may be required to meet with your probation officer, this can affect your ability to move. Probation officers may have to receive substance abuse treatment verifications, perform random drug tests, or ensure that you receive counseling. You might also be prohibited from leaving a certain geographical area, especially if the court considers you to be a “flight risk.”

If you plan on moving on probation, you will need to notify your probation officer and contact the court for verification and approval. They will have to ensure that your move won’t affect your probation responsibilities and that you will be moving close enough where you can still attend your probation officer visits. One of the biggest concerns for your probation officer might be how far away you want to move.

What Can I Do If I Want to Move While on Probation?

There are many different reasons you may want to move while on probation. You may have a job opportunity in another city, county, or state. You may wish to move closer to your family. You may simply want to start over. Whatever your reason, you need to be careful how you approach moving to make sure you are not considered in noncompliance with the terms of your probation. Depending on your particular situation, there are different steps you’ll have to take to make sure moving on probation does not have negative consequences.

If you want to move farther away but you are on probation, you will need to get approval to have the supervision transferred to the county or jurisdiction where you want to move. However, this isn’t always an easy process. If, for any reason, your move can’t wait, you’ll need to give a strong reason to validate your move and you will need a skilled attorney to convince the office to allow you to transfer.

What If I Already Moved?

If you already moved and you’re facing arrest or other serious consequences of allegedly violating probation, you need to act fast and involve an attorney. You have the right to a hearing, at which point your attorney can present a case on your behalf. The worst possible thing to do is try to “disappear” or avoid responding to your probation officer’s attempts to contact you. Take a proactive approach and face the situation head on and you’ll have a better chance of reaching a positive result—one that does not involve jail time.

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