What Is a Level 2 Background Check?

If you have a criminal record, you are likely concerned about whether it will affect your ability to secure a job or obtain a professional license—and you have a reason to be. More than 95% of employers make it a pre-employment requirement to subject applicants to a background check. On paper, a background check gives employers the opportunity to screen people before they become an official employee to promote a “safe workplace.” In reality, it allows employers to discriminate against people with convictions on their record.

There are two different types of background checks in the state of Florida: level 1 and level 2 background checks. Employers most commonly use level 1 background checks. This check is named-based and returns an employment history check. However, a level 2 background check is far deeper and can result in a far harder life for people who have a criminal record.

What Is a Level 2 Background Check?

Unlike name-based background checks, this type of screening searches fingerprint-based information, national criminal history records, and county criminal records. Employers coordinate with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the FBI, local courts, and other law enforcement agencies to obtain these records. If the background check reveals that a person has a list of offenses, including kidnapping, murder, assault, sexual felonies, or others, it can affect their ability to secure a job.

Although a level 1 background check can still notify employers of a criminal record, it doesn’t give them specific details about the offenses. Level 2 background checks provide employers with more details about your criminal record. Regardless of the crime, a level 2 background check can keep you from finding good work or making a living.

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