Fake ID Charges

Fake ID Possession in Tampa

The Price of Underage Drinking Is Higher Than You Think

Most high school and college students do not understand that the simple possession of a fake ID is a serious criminal offense that can lead to an arrest and a felony conviction in Florida. Many individuals under 21 obtain fake IDs to socialize with their older friends at locations that only permit patrons above the legal drinking age. Often, these individuals will either purchase or make their fake ID with an altered date of birth. Sometimes, an individual will attempt to use a friend or sibling's ID to enter a club or bar. 

If you are facing the heavy penalties associated with a fake identification card offense in the Tampa area, the consequences extend to underage drinking. This can result in a felony conviction that will impact your results on future background checks. Take immediate action by calling one of our Tampa juvenile crime attorneys. If you choose to work with us, your case will be in good hands. We can work to help you have your charges significantly reduced or even entirely dismissed. We've been helping clients across Florida since 2001.

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Consequences of a Fake ID Offense in Florida

If you were charged with the possession of a fake ID as you were trying to gain entry into a club or bar, it is important to speak with a Tampa criminal defense lawyer. Juveniles can be charged with a fake ID for possessing a card that belongs to another individual, even if it is not altered. If the underage student is charged with a fake ID offense, they may be subject to misdemeanor or felony charges. 

There are serious consequences, which is why it is essential to obtain strong legal defense. If the offender attends a university, they may also be subject to college student disciplinary hearing at their school. The reason why a college might get involved is because a law enforcement officer that is with the campus police department can investigate your case and send this information to college officials.

The college student can begin taking disciplinary actions against the student in addition to the legal penalties. This has become a serious crime and can be charged as a felony and have substantial impact on the offender's life. No matter what the reason was for the fake ID, consequences can be severe.

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