Sex Offender Registration

A conviction for almost any sex crime in Florida will result in sex offender registration. This is a lifetime obligation which will dictate where a person can live and work. In many cases, a sex offender will not be able to live near a school or playground or work in certain fields, particularly those involving children. The social stigma associated with sex offender registration is also great.

The individual labeled as a "sex offender" may face alienation by friends, family members and co-workers, not to mention the community as a whole. We can help an individual accused of or charged with a sex crime of any kind avoid a conviction and therefore avoid sex offender registration. By providing aggressive representation and a thorough investigation of all charges and evidence, a Tampa lawyer can effectively defend a client facing even the most shocking sex crime charges.

About Registering as a Sex Offender / Predator

In the state of Florida, sex offender registration information is made available on line. The website is maintained by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and allows for searchers to find all sexual predators and offenders who live in their area by running searched by city, county and / or zip code. This will include basic information; searchers will also have access to the pictures of all predators and offenders. Per the law, the FDLE is required to post all information regarding predators who qualify under the Florida Public Safety Information Act (PSIA); while not required, they are authorized to post information regarding offenders on their public website.

This can include the following information:

  • Photo
  • Physical description
  • Crime information
  • Registered address

Per Florida Statutes §943.0435, there are several qualifying offenses that would require that the convicted be officially registered as a sex offender. This includes being convicted for several different sexual offenders, such as kidnapping, false imprisonment, luring or enticing a child, sexual battery, lewd / lascivious offenses committed upon or in the presence of a child under the age of 16, computer pornography and more.

Avoid Sex Offender Registration

A criminal attorney should truly believe in their client's innocence and should fight to prove this in court. At times, however, proving factual innocence may not be a viable option. In these cases, it may be that law enforcement violated the defendant's rights at some point or that another violation of procedure or constitutional rights will lead to a dismissal of certain evidence or even dropped charges. Most importantly, these actions taken by a defense attorney will help the accused avoid sex offender registration - a lifetime label that will have disastrous effects.

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