What Do I Do if There is a Warrant for My Arrest?

Is there a warrant issued by a Florida court for your arrest? Knowing what steps to take next can be crucial. If you find yourself in this situation, now is the time to speak with our Tampa criminal defense lawyers about your case. Even if you aren’t sure why the warrant was issued, our firm can get to work right away researching the warrant to determine the reason and the next best steps.

Why Is There a Warrant Issued?

There are several reasons a warrant may be issued for your arrest, but most commonly, failure to appear at trial is the reason the judge did so. We understand that many times, our clients miss court because they did not receive proper notice of the court date or were misinformed about the specific location / time.

We take the following steps to protect our clients facing a warrant:

  • Identify the reason why the missed court
  • File a motion with the court
  • Present evidence in court demonstrating our client’s side

If the court finds that you did not receive notice for your court date, the court can withdraw the warrant for your arrest.

I Knew About My Court Date but Failed to Appear

If you did have notice of your court date but failed to appear for another reason, a Tampa criminal defense attorney at Thomas & Paulk can still help you try to get your warrant resolved. We can get your case before the court and explain the reason that you missed the court date and request that the court withdraw your warrant.

It is important that the court knows you are ready to appear in court to face your charges. If you wait until after you have been arrested on the outstanding warrant, it is always more difficult to explain your reason for missing court and argue that you are ready to face the consequences. It may also take several days or weeks for your case to get before the court if you are arrested.

Warrants for Probation Violations

A warrant may also be issued for your arrest if there is an alleged violation of probation. If you are on probation and your probation officer has filed a violation of probation affidavit with the court, a warrant will likely be issued for you arrest.

In these cases, it is pivotal that you contact one of our defense lawyers as soon as you become aware of the alleged violation. Most warrants for violation of probation are issued with no bond. If your warrant has no bond, you will be held in jail until your case comes before the judge that issued the warrant. Again, it can take days or weeks for your case to come before the court, so it is crucial that you handle this process with the help of a skilled defense team.

At Thomas & Paulk we can help you get a court date set before the judge on your case so that you can resolve the violation as soon as possible. Again, being the one to turn yourself in or approach the court is always better than waiting to be caught and dragged into court. Dealing with a violation in this way can also save you the embarrassment of having law enforcement arrest you.

Need Legal Counsel for Your Warrant? Call Today!

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