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Is There a Warrant Issued for Your Arrest? 

If a warrant has been issued for your arrest, it’s crucial to know what steps to take next. While this may seem scary, it’s not too late to take proper legal action. Now is the time to speak with our Tampa criminal defense lawyers. Even if you aren’t sure why the warrant was issued, our firm can get to work right away, researching the warrant to determine the reason it was issued and the next best steps. 

Don’t wait any longer to schedule a consultation with our firm! Our Tampa arrest warrant lawyers are ready to help you protect your future. We have been representing individuals with these matters for over two decades. With our knowledge and legal resources, we are fully equipped to handle your case. Let our team provide the aggressive, authoritative legal representation you need in the face of a warrant.

What Happens After a Warrant Is Issued

If you are taken into custody on a bench or arrest warrant, you will be forced to appear in court for any proceedings you missed and may be subject to further legal penalties. The longer you attempt to avoid arrest, the more severe your penalties may become. When you voluntarily return to court with legal representation, a judge will likely look more approvingly upon your case.

An arrest warrant may lead to the following consequences:

  • Criminal conviction
  • Jail time
  • Prison time
  • Severe fines
  • Probation time
  • Restricted parole

By retaining legal counsel and appearing in court, you substantially minimize the potential consequences you may have to face. We are here to ensure that your rights are protected.

How Our Tampa Warrant Attorneys Can Help

There are several reasons a warrant may be issued for your arrest, but most commonly, it’s because of a failure to appear at trial. We understand that our clients often miss court because they did not receive proper notice of the court date or were misinformed about the specific location/time. If the court finds that you did not receive notice for your court date, the court can withdraw the warrant. 

If you did have notice of your court date but failed to appear for another reason, our Tampa warrant attorneys can still help. Our criminal defense law firm can get your case before the court, explain why you missed the court date, and request that the court withdraw your warrant. The court must know you are ready to appear to face your charges. If you wait until after being arrested on the outstanding warrant, explaining your reason is always more complicated. It may also take several days or weeks for your case to get before the court.

Need Legal Counsel for Your Tampa Arrest Warrant? Call Today!

If you have a warrant for your arrest in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, or Polk County, contact our Tampa warrant lawyers at our office for a free and confidential consultation. We know that having a warrant for your arrest is a stressful situation, and we are ready to help you navigate this situation.

You can reach our team at Thomas & Paulk today at (813) 221-4200.

Warrant Help in Tampa

Not only is an arrest embarrassing and frightening, it also interrupts your life – you may be torn from your family, work, and friends. Our firm is committed to fighting for individuals who have a warrant out for their arrest, safeguarding their personal rights and their future.

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Bench & Arrest Warrant Information

Bench Warrants vs. Arrest Warrants

Bench warrants and standard arrest warrants are not the same, though they have similar functions. Usually, a bench warrant means a defendant was not sitting on “the bench” in front of a judge. Technically, a judge issues a bench warrant when the defendant didn’t do something they were supposed to do, like show up in court. So if you have a scheduled court appearance and you don’t appear because you “forget” all about it or because your car breaks down, the judge will issue a bench warrant.

Once that bench warrant is issued, the police will treat it exactly like any other arrest warrant. If you’re pulled over in a routine traffic stop, the officer will run your information on the computer. The warrant will come up, and you’ll be arrested on the spot. With an active bench warrant, you can be arrested anytime. 

The police can show up at your work and haul you away in cuffs or at your mom’s house when you’re having Sunday dinner.

In contrast to bench warrants issued by judges, police officers are the ones who start the process for arrest warrants. For example, a police officer has been investigating a suspect. Once the officer has enough evidence to make an arrest, they go to a judge for an arrest warrant. Keep in mind, however, that police don’t need warrants for every arrest. They may catch criminals “in the act” or with probable cause to make an arrest without a warrant.

Warrants for Probation Violations

A Hillsborough County warrant may also be issued for your arrest if there is an alleged violation of probation, meaning you're accused of violating the terms of your probation. It is pivotal that you contact one of our defense lawyers as quickly as possible. Most warrants for violations of probation are issued with no bond. If your warrant has no bond, you will be held in jail until your case comes before the judge who issued the warrant. 

It can take days or weeks for your probation violation case to come before the court, so you must handle this process with the help of a skilled criminal defense legal team.

At Thomas & Paulk, we can help you get a court date set before the judge on your case so that you can resolve the violation as soon as possible. With any warrant, being the one to turn yourself in or approach the court is always better than waiting to be caught and dragged into court. Dealing with a violation in this way can also save you the embarrassment and hassle of having law enforcement arrest you.

If you’re not sure whether you have a warrant for your arrest in the Tampa or Hillsborough County area, we can help you. Read here to learn more.

Learning more about your warrant, your rights, and your options can make all the difference.

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